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Here Are the Benefits of Trademark Registration

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Here Are the Benefits of Trademark Registration

Trademark is the legal work of what is commonly known as the brand name. Typically, a trademark is a device, symbol, figure, phrase, or word, which can be characterized graphically. It is an exclusive signification that sets apart your services or goods from the rest. A brand name registered specifically for services is referred to as a service mark.

A respectable trademark is usually easy to identify and remember, especially if it is unique and attractive. Customers typically buy goods or hire services from well-known brands with a good reputation.


But what are the benefits of trademark registration? While it might not sound like a big deal, it comes with numerous advantages.


Advantages Of Trademark Registration

Discourages Counterfeiting

Once you register your trademark, you become entitled to enhanced damages against fraudsters. According to the Lanham Act, you are eligible for legal damage against forgers and triple damages and lawyer fees for malicious counterfeiting as a trademark owner.


Since damages are difficult to prove, especially when the accused lies, such legal damages can offer an opportunity for reimbursement, furthermore, registration daunts counterfeiters by offering recovery of triple damages and lawyer fees where the faux product sales are seen as wilful.


Exclusive Rights

The owner of the trademark has exclusive rights over the brand name. Also, he or she can utilize it for all the services or products under the category applied. Additionally, the owner enjoys complete ownership of the brand name and can prevent anyone else from unauthorized utilization of the brand name. It offers the owner the right to take legal action against unauthorized use of their trademark.


Builds Trust

Everyone knows the quality of your services or products through your trademark. This builds goodwill and confidence among your clients in the industry. It comes in handy in having permanent clients who will always come back.


Distinguishes Your Products

Your trademark makes it easy for people to know your products. The brand symbol will tell your vision and quality. Besides, it is a unique aspect of your business or organization.


Safety Against The Importation Of Trespassing Products

If for physical goods, your trademark could apply with the US Customs to record its mark, which will check, detain, and stop importing products that overstep your rights. Nevertheless, you need to register to enjoy the benefits of this program.


Safety For A Decade At An Affordable Price

If you register your trademark online, you will find that it is relatively inexpensive. Upon registering the brand, you only need to pay the maintenance fee and renewal charges which need to be paid after every ten years from the date of registration. It is cost-effective and assists your organization in portraying an exceptional image.


Global Registration

If you want to register your trademark in other countries except for India, the registered trademark in India can be utilized as a basis for enrolling there. For any individual who wants to expand their business, the brand registered can offer a decent base together with the recognized goodwill in the country.


Entice Human Resources

Most young people aim to join well-known brands since they act the same way as a mogul. Trademarks instigate a good image of the firm, and therefore young people are easily attracted to them. This lessens the fees towards hiring and other related undertakings.


Utilize On Online Stores

Some online sales platforms provide a means that lets the brand owner manage the products sold under their trademark in the forum. For instance, a brand owner might apply to sell his products on e-bay, which lets him or her manage the brand effortlessly and locate infringers. What`s more, it offers access to the brand`s information on the platform. Programs like these typically need the brand to be registered to participate.



Entrepreneurs spend a lot of money, time, and effort to build their businesses and their reputations. Shielding this work is of utmost importance to the venture’s success and survival.


In a world where there is always a risk, registering your trademark is a small process that can substantially lessen risk and increase value. Trademark registration comes with so many advantages, and it indeed should be a step you consider taking for the sake of your business.