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  • Offshore Company Formation With Bank Account – Setting Up A New Company


    Setting up a good foundation for yourself offshore has never been more famous, as many individuals are looking for elective assets and ways of saving money, ensure their protection and resources during vulnerability. Setting up offshore company registration in hong kong is basic, direct, and can be Read More

  • Company Incorporation: Hong Kong vs. Singapore


    The incorporation of offshore companies in Singapore and Hong Kong is a tested and proven investors' paradise. These powerhouses are the firing cannon for companies that are looking to snowball Asia and around the world. People who are hungry for success manage these global financial hubs. However, Read More

  • A Complete Hong Kong Company Incorporation Guide


    Since the 2000s, Hong Kong has been a record holder for a free economy, less bureaucracy, and restrictions. It’s a top financial hub for entrepreneurs and a vibrant economy in Asia-pacific regions. Further, Hong Kong takes 6th place in the world economic forum's competitive index. The state is ruled Read More

  • How to Establish a Company in Hong Kong?


    Hong Kong is known as the top-tier financial hub all over the world. It's an ideal place for doing business or setting up a company. The best thing about Hong Kong is that it only takes about 48 hours in this freest economy. The main reason most business people prefer this fruitful country is its st Read More

  • Advantages of Setting up an Offshore Company in Hong Kong


    Today, Hong Kong is considered to be one of the biggest international business centers in the world. It is situated on the southeast coast of China and is classified as a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China but has its governing policies. The official languages of Hong Kong are English and Read More

  • Key Aspects Related to Offshore Companies


    Key Elements of Offshore CompaniesJurisdiction Offshore company must be established in a specific offshore jurisdiction, which is the geographical identity of offshore company. In order to attract investment and improve local economic development, offshore company law is specially formulated to enco Read More

  • What Is an Offshore Company?


    The general meaning of an offshore companyOffshore company generally refers to the legal business established in a jurisdiction outside of the investors’ country according to the local company incorporation law. These local governments normally require no tax on such companies and only charge a smal Read More

  • How to Establish an Offshore Company?


    Setting an offshore company is a trend that has been catching momentum over the last couple of years. This comes as individuals and businesses are looking for reliable ways to protect their privacy, save money, and access alternatives resources in uncertain times. Contrary to popular opinion, settin Read More