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Hong Kong is the third largest financial center in the world. It is also one of the freest economies and the most competitive cities across the globe. It is an important international financial and trade center, with a free market, a simple tax system, low tax rates and a good business environment, which attracts many enterprises to set up companies and develop their business in Hong Kong. Over the years, Hong Kong has managed to make significant progress regarding business prosperity and dynamism. This has allowed its residents to enjoy high standards of living as well as financial growth. All these factors have also attracted investors from all over the world who seek to expand their companies into the region. If you are thinking of offshore company registration in Hong Kong, we can assist you with the process, no matter where you are in the world. You don't even have to be physically in Hong Kong to do this. We can register your Chinese companies and open a business account remotely for you from wherever you are in the world.

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As one of the famous offshore company registry destinations, Hong Kong is the third largest financial center in the world. It is also one of the freest economies and the most competitive cities across the globe. It is an important international financial and trade center, with a free market, a simple tax system, low tax rates and a good business environment, which attracts many enterprises to set up companies and develop their business in Hong Kong.

Benefits of Hong Kong Company Formation

1.         Low Tax Rate with Few Types of Taxes

2.         No Foreign Exchange control

- Hong Kong bank accounts can receive and pay foreign exchange freely, and capital transfer is flexible.

3.         Unlimited Company Name

- The name of a company in Hong Kong is almost unlimited. You can choose a suitable name according to the actual situation.

4.         Unlimited Business Scope

- The business scope of Hong Kong companies is rarely restricted and can operate any legal business.

5.         Unlimited registered capital

- There are no restrictions on the registered capital of Hong Kong companies, and there is no need for capital verification.

6.         Simple Registration Procedures

- Directors and shareholders do not have to go to Hong Kong, so the registration cycle is short and the efficiency is high.

7.         Flexible and Convenient Management

- After the establishment of the company, the maintenance and management is simple, and it only needs to do the accounting and auditing every year.

8.         High Brand Reputation

- Hong Kong has high brand awareness and reputation, which is easy to enhance the company's international image.

9.         Asian Financial Center

- Hong Kong has a perfect banking and financial system, a loose financing environment and easy access to international credit.

You can refer to this blog post for more benefits of setting up a company in Hong Kong. 

Time to Register a HK Company

There are two ways to register:

1. Urgent electronic registration: get the certificate within 24 hours.

2. Ordinary signature registration, 8-10 working days.


Cost of Setting up a Company in Hong Kong

The company registration and annual auditing fee consists of government official fee and secretary service fee.

1.         Company Registry Fee:

1720 HKD

2.         Tax Official Fee:

2250 HKD or 250 HKD

3.         Secretarial Service Fee:

It varies, depending on the specific services provided by different incorporation service companies. The first year's secretarial service generally includes services such as providing registered address, filing and registration, and hanging water tag, etc. HeeJoe Group offers one of the best hong kong company formation services for businesses all over the world.

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If you also want to open an offshore bank account in Hong Kong, you can consider these two banks: HSBC and DBS

Documents Required for Forming a Company in Hong Kong

1.         Name of Hong Kong Company

2.         Valid ID Card or Passport of Directors and Shareholders

3.         Determine the Registered Capital of the Company

4.         Provide the Business Scope of the Company

5.         Fill in KYC Documents

6.         Half Body Photo of Director and Shareholder Holding ID Card

Process of Registering a Hong Kong Company Online

1.         Company name search

2.         Sign the service contract with us and complete payment

3.         Sign government registration documents

4.         Submit to the government for approval

5.         The company is established

6.         Documents sent to client by express shipping

Here is an article introducing the details about How to Establish a Company in Hong Kong

HK Company Incorporation FAQs

Q1: What is the Hong Kong corporate tax rate?

A1: Hong Kong companies pay 16% on profits generated in Hong Kong, while profits generated from the rest of the world are not taxed.


Q2: Any restrictions on Hong Kong companies doing business with rest of the world?

A2: There are no restrictions on doing business outside of Hong Kong except illegal activities or such activities that require additional licensing such as: provision of banking services, insurance and trusts.


Q3: What documents can I get after successful HK company registration?

1)         Certificate of Incorporation

2)         Business Registration Certificate

3)         Incorporation Form

4)         Articles of Association

5)         Stock Book

6)         Minute-book of Board Meeting


Q4: Is it necessary to conduct annual accounting and auditing after registration of a Hong Kong company?

A4: Yes, after the successful registration of Hong Kong companies, it is necessary to handle the relevant annual maintenance matters according to the law, including annual auditing, accounting and taxation. If a Hong Kong company fails to handle the annual auditing of the company in accordance with the provisions, it will affect the normal existence of the company and lead to fines.


Q5: Is the auditing of a Hong Kong company conducted once a year?

A5: Hong Kong companies are audited in the 18th month after their establishment. Thereafter, they are audited every 12 months. The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department will require the companies to submit audit statements within one month.



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