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Offshore Company Incorporation in Malta

Malta does not only have a developed tourism industry, but also a leading financial industry. It is known as a "European tax haven" and "southern Europe Switzerland". It is not only a non global taxation country, but also enjoys the preferential policy of four taxes: exemption from real estate tax, net wealth tax, inheritance tax and gift tax.
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Malta does not only have a developed tourism industry, but also a leading financial industry. It is known as a "European tax haven" and "southern Europe Switzerland". It is not only a non global taxation country, but also enjoys the preferential policy of four taxes: exemption from real estate tax, net wealth tax, inheritance tax and gift tax. For those who set up companies in Malta, they are not only supported by favorable tax policies, which can guarantee tax relief, but also enjoy EU tariff subsidies.


Benefits of Registering a Malta Company

1. The "four in one" country in the world: a member of Schengen, EU, Euro and the British Commonwealth. Holders of Maltese passports are free to enter and leave many countries in Europe and the Commonwealth without a visa.

2. Stable political and economic situation: creating a good environment for foreign investors.

3. Europe's famous tax paradise: no inheritance tax, no global tax. The Maltese tax system is very favorable for long-term residents. The income brought into Malta is subject to 15% tax, while the foreign income is not subject to any tax. The physical assets brought into Malta within half a year after the immigration approval are not subject to tax.

4. The social security system is relatively complete: the implementation of free education, free medical care and retirement insurance system.

5. You can enjoy confidentiality of company information.

6. The company is based on the judicial system of the United Kingdom, and the official language is mainly English.

Offshore Company Incorporation in Malta


Time to Incorporate a Malta Company

Malta company registration takes 2-3 weeks (if all the documents are complete). If you require a faster service, you need to pay extra cost for the premium service, which takes 24 hours to complete the registration and 2-3 days to send out the company documents.


Malta Company Registration Service Fee

The total company registration fee includes: 1) chamber of commerce fee; 2) registered address fee; 3) reporting expenses of the company; 4) company secretary fees; 5) bank account opening fee; 6) VAT number application fee; 7) service charge. The annual maintenance fee includes: registered address fee, company secretary fee, company filing fee and accounting service fee, etc. After confirming the registered name, the client must pay the full amount.

Documents Required for Malta Company Formation

1. Company name (2-3 spare) and business scope;

2. Copies of valid certificates of shareholders and directors;

3. Resumes of shareholders and directors and original address proofs;

4. The letter of introduction issued by the shareholders and directors through accountants and lawyers;

5. Original proofs of no criminal records of shareholders and directors.

Process of Registering a Company in Malta

1. Select and verify company name

2. Provide all required documents

3. Deposit low paid-in capital

4. Apply for registration certificate

5. Handle the articles of association

6. Apply tax number (TIN)

7. Register value added tax (VAT)

8. Obtain employer identification numbers and register employees

Malta Company Incorporation FAQs

Q1: What is the minimum requirement for registered capital of Maltese companies?

A1: The registered capital of the Maltese company is at least 1250 euro, 20% of which is required to be in place.


Q2: How many shareholders and directors are required in Maltese companies?

A2: At least one shareholder, the shareholder and the director can be the same person, and there is no nationality restriction;


Q3: What are the types of companies that can be registered in Malta?

A3: In Malta, there are several types of companies that can be registered by enterprises, including limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, single member companies, branches of foreign companies, trust companies, cooperative companies, fixed capital investment companies, variable capital investment companies or protected individual companies. Limited liability company is the most common form of business in Malta, which is divided into two sub-categories: listed companies and private companies. The maximum number of shareholders of private companies is 50 and funds cannot be raised from the public.


Q4: What is the business income tax of Malta companies?

A4: The corporate income tax rate is 35%. However, a series of financial preferential policies have been set up for Maltese companies engaged in investment and business activities, and some or all tax refund systems have been implemented (since 1994). Shareholders can apply for a refund of 6/7 (including overseas tax) of the tax paid by the company in Malta, which can reduce the corporate tax rate to 5%.


Q5: When to file a tax return?

A5: File a tax return on March 31st of each year or within 9 months after the end of the previous financial year, whichever is earlier. It should be noted that FS3 and FS7 forms should be submitted to the tax department at the beginning of the year. For example, the FS3 and fs7 forms of 2017 should be submitted before February 25, 2018.



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